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tv   Q A  CSPAN  August 2, 2010 6:54am-7:00am EDT

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of edward r. murrow. the media-driven myths invoke what i call the golden age fallacy. you look back and say, there really was a time when american journalism was respected, that journalist did great works, they told truth to power, and their work had an effect. the murrow story, just as watergate and the "cronkite moment," -- they all fall victim to the golden age fallacy. >> i saw on a website in 2006 that you're the teacher of the year in american university. >> the student government every year at american university give an award for the faculty member of the year. iwas the lucky recipient that year. >> what techniques do you use in the classroom?
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>> i like to teach a class is in an interactive way, even a large class of 40 students, to engage in the content. not to simply talk to them,although there is some presentation, but to engage the material, to have reading assignments that they are expected to complete and also to be ready to discuss. that type of engagement and discussion-based learning is very effective. >> what is next? >> i'll like to think that the universe of media-driven myths has supplied more than this. i have not talked to the publisher but i think that there would be a sequel to "getting it wrong." maybe a whole other title. >> is there an interactive web site on this book? >> there are a couple of websites. one of them is
6:56 am i've blogged frequently about them. the w. is a family secret. i never disclose it. >> this could be a good opportunity. >> i think i will pass. >> w. joseph campbell, thank you very much. >> it was a pleasure. >> for a dvd copy of this program, call 1-877-662-7726. for free transcripts or to give us your comments about this program, visit us at
6:57 am "q&a" programs are also available as c-span podcasts. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> live it 12:15, the alliance for health reform hosts a discussion on the implementation of the health care law and as state and federal governments will work together to implement it. >> we built this organization as 150 false medical companies and i was one of them out of desperation. -- 150 small cable companies and i was one of them out of desperation. >> federal regulations affect small cable operators with the
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cable association president. that is on c-span 2. cspan programming, politics, books, history, is available anytime on cspan radio, in the washington-baltimore area action 90.1 and sirius-xm radio and at." it is are available any time. it's free but check with your phone service provider for any additional charges. >> we will talk with mark zandy of moody' about the obama
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administration. administration.


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